Why I am getting a Gardasil Vaccination…

At 8:30 this morning I was getting a colposcopy.   This is something I have to have done several times a year to check for VIN and biospys any new areas that may have appeared.  I was fortunate today, no biopsies were necessary.  I have two areas affected by VIN I near the vaginal entrance, but they have not grown or gotten worse since the last checkup.  We check again in six months.

So far HPV has cost me my cervix and the majority of my minor labia.  I was 24 when they removed my cervix and uterus, 46 when they removed the minor labia.  So, why am I getting a Gardasil vaccination if I am already infected with HPV?

In a previous post I mentioned a Yahoo group I am part of called Gyn-Gals.  Some of the Gyn-Gals occasionally post interesting studies and research taking place all over the world.  We have all been following some research on a possible vaccine in the Netherlands, it is showing promise in clearing the virus, but it will not be available for some time yet.  Some of the information coming in pertains to Gardasil.  Gardasil is not meant to “cure” the HPV virii it protects against, but in some cases it does.  The boost to the immune system is allowing some to fight off the virus.

Andrew and I have discussed this many times over the last year.  It is an expensive drug, around $400, and probably not covered by our extended medical  Today I asked the gynecologist about both Cervarix and Gardasil vaccinations for someone like me.  He recommended I get the Gardasil vaccination.  Although I am almost 49 and past the age ranges usually prescribed the drug, he believes it may be effective in helping me fight the virus.  I think that if it will prevent me from facing further mutilation to my genitals, it is worth the financial cost.  Andrew agrees.

So, Monday morning at 9:30am I go see my family doctor to get the vaccine.  Hopefully I am one of the lucky ones.


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      1. Hi Teresa,
        Any chance you have a link to the article? I’m a former gyn-gal, probably returning to the fold since a recurrance seems to be happening. Thanks.

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