That is why I love this man..

Me: I am so tired of hurting on all the time.
Andrew: That’s why we need space travel.
Me: Space travel?
Andrew: Yes, so we can go to the Mermaid plant.
Me: There’s a mermaid planet?
Andrew: Yes, that is where your ancestors came from.
Me: So…the Adaptive Mermaid Syndrome?
Andrew: Yes, Aristotelian logic.
Me: Which is?
Andrew: In an infinite universe, where everything is random, whatever can exist does exist. Therefore, if Adaptive Mermaid Syndrome exists, then somewhere there is a planet where mermaids exist and they have figured out how to deal with it. We just have to figure out how to get there.
Me: So, space travel?
Andrew: Exactly.

Unless of course you believe Professor Mandelhoff…

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