Cautioning The Wildlife

While travelling on Haida Gwaii we noted there is a very large population of very small deer.  It would appear that their small stature goes along with a rather casual disregard for personal safety.  Signs indicate  locals are asking for public assistant in dealing with this troubling attitude. We asked the Street Spirits crew to help us create a list of things we could caution them about.

So far we have:

– Look both ways before crossing the road.

– Don’t accept rides from hunters.

– Arrows, the silent killer.

– Friends don’t let friends trust men with guns.

– Headlights are not stagelights.  Keep moving.

– Never take candy or food from strangers.

– Humans ARE strangers.

– Premarital sex can lead to accidental pregnancies.

– Don’t fall for the “I will take you to your mother routine”. I’ve seen the movie, she is dead.

Do you have any suggestions to add?




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