Not a Witch War, just a minor skirmish.

A few days ago I was perusing Etsy when I saw some posters available as pdfs in CerridwenGrainne’s store . They reminded me of the parchment ones a lot of the metaphysical shops carry, but I hadn’t seen these particular ones. I assumed they were her own, so purchased three different sets. When I opened the pdfs I discovered that what they actually were was scanned copies of copyrighted material. They were parchment posters featuring the work of Amber K and Travis Bowman.

I immediately sent a message to the seller requesting a refund and telling her that I did not support copyright infringement. Although she did issue a refund, her response floored me.

2016-02-18_editedSo, I made a post to my facebook page:

“Please do not support cerridwengrainne1 on I purchased some PDF’s for download to discover they are all badly scanned copyrighted documents by Pagan author’s Amber K and Travis Bowman.”

She then sent me a message on facebook saying this:

The items you purchased were not badly scanned and they are open for purchase. In fact ….if you go to Azure Green they are available for purchase! And ETSY all ready cleared the downloads. I will be contacting my lawyer for the slander you’re posting on facebook smile emoticon”

Now there are a number of things wrong with this statement, but I was going to ignore her.  I had my money back and would not be supporting her shop.   Then she sent me an email…….. My comments are in bold.


Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 21:51:51 -0700
Subject: Teresa
From: cerridwen.grainne@…
To: Inanna_liban@….

I’m 58, married and have a BA in Archaeology and an MA in the Humanities and a son in college. I’m originally born and bred in Scotland and moved to the US when I started college many moons ago. I have researched and published articles and monographs on prehistoric sites in the northwestern US. I am well schooled on publishing and copyrights as I’ve worked with this myself.
Amazing you have made it so far in life without learning some basic facts.
The items you purchased were already cleared by Etsy. If you had read the descriptions you would have seen the names of the authors….but that would require a certain amount of reading knowledge.
It doesn’t matter if they were cleared by Etsy.  Etsy does not have the authority, only the owner does.  There was nothing in the descriptions to indicate another author, and I do have screenshots.  You do make the claim of “vintage”, which they are not.
And since you’ve decided to add me to your facebutt page and slander my shop and name I will be contacting my lawyers Harrison and Associates to take up the matter. Social media doesn’t give you carte blanche to say rude and nasty things about people without consequences or without knowledge of whom you’re dealing with first.
Facebutt….how clever.  Apparently something in your education was lacking.  It is libel when in writing, slander when spoken, but only if untrue. 
As for my knowledge of whom I am dealing with?  That is becoming rather clear.
You, my dear, are not a witch as we do not condone nasty people like you.
(I always love it when they pull this one out of their ass.)  Whether or not you consider me a witch is not relevant, now or ever.  What is very apparent is that my style of witchcraft has something called ethics.
I certainly hope you teach your daughter and grandchildren a better way to treat people.
Now this, this is where you pissed me off and crossed the line.  You brought my family into your little hissy fit.  Believe me, my children and grandchildren know exactly how to deal with people like you.

Remember the Wicca Rede and follow the Three Fold Law…or perhaps you don’t know what that is because it requires a certain amount of reading and comprehension as well.

I often find that those that like to fling around the rede and three fold law are the least likely to follow it themselves.  My knowledge of ethics, magic and life in general go far beyond reading.   It also, very obviously, go far beyond yours. 


Now, the only response I emailed her was:

“How nice for you.  Unfortunately all your education didn’t teach you something.  If you are reselling products from Azure Green you must sell the actual product, not scan it, sell it, and pocket the proceeds.  Azure Green doesn’t make money that way. ”

You see, Azure Green is the distributor for those particular posters.   She did not have their permission to pdf their products and sell them as her own.  She also had other Azure Green items in her store.   I don’t know if she will still be able to use Azure Green as a distributor.  They were notified of her infringement, as was Etsy.  I do notice that her store has been closed since yesterday for “taxes”.   I also notified Amber K.

I have to admit that I am dismayed that Etsy has strayed so far from where it began.   I don’t know that I will use it much in the future.  I certainly know what store I will not use, or recommend however.


The hubris of this woman doesn’t cease to amaze me.  Especially after her vitriol about the rede and three fold law.    I found this:


This was listed on a site called The Hippy Corner.  Note that it claims the chest is Hand Carved by CerridwenGrainne.   These chests can be purchased from Azure Green.  They are made in India,  and many metaphysical suppliers carry similar items.

Rather sad if you ask me…..

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