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Cancer Support

I am writing this post because of a conversation Andrew and I had.  He was telling me that he was at a meeting where one of the discussions was about supporting cancer patients.  He mentioned my own struggle to find support and the wealth of information available online, if you know where to look.  None of them had heard of sites like Cancer Buddies Network or Gyn-Gals.  Most, in fact, hadn’t even considered that the Internet might be a good source of, not just information, but support for someone dealing with medical issues. I found both groups helpful, but due to the rarity of my specific type of cancer Gyn-Gals became a major resource for me.  It still is.

In February of 2009 I went to Vancouver to have a prolapse repair done.  Due to the fact I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and the extent of the prolapse, I opted to have the surgery performed in Vancouver by a urogynecologist.

While doing the surgery Dr. Wilkie noticed lesions on my minor labia and biopsied a section. A week after having my prolapse repair done I found out I had HPV related VIN III. VIN III is also called “squamous cell carcinoma in situ”. I had cancer of the vulva. I was devastated and desperate for information. The BC Cancer Agency was amazing and sent me everthything they could find on vulvar cancer,but none of the information I was finding told me what I needed to know. What was going to happen when they removed the affected area? Was I still going to be able to have sex? Would I still be desireable? How painful would it be? Then I found Gyn-Gals.

Gyn-Gals is a Yahoo Group for women who have had, or are suffering from a variety of gynecological conditions. Every woman on the list is affected in some way. There have a wealth of information on what to expect, after care, helpful products, everything you might need. Most importantly, they also provide understanding and support.

As I continue my own journey with HPV related VIN they are always there for me. I know that whether I need to have a pity party, or find out the latest treatments and possible cures, that I have a group of woment that will support me. So if you are dealing with a gynecological cancer or condition, or know someone who is, please keep them in mind. If you are dealing with cancer of any type you might want to check out Cancer Buddies Network.

You don’t have to go through it alone.

1 Percenter

So, you might be wondering why I called myself a 1 percenter in the Highway of Deers post, or not. Either way you are about to find out. 🙂

– I can’t use hormone based birth control or hormone replace. It makes me very ill, among other things. Apparently only 1 percent of women can’t use hormone based birth control.

– I have a problem with opioid pain killers. I don’t metabolize them properly. The last time I had an opioid I went into respiratory arrest. Apparently this is a problem for about 1 percent of people. Hmmm

– The type of cancer I deal with, vulvar, accounts for about 1 percent of female cancers.

– I cannot eat citrus fruit, again about 1 percent of the population.

It is getting to the point when a doctor says, “Well, only 1 percent of the population…” I go “fuck”. I am a 1 percenter.

Highway of Deers

No, that isn’t a typo.  Last night Andrew and I drove to Valemount for an “All Candidates Forum”.  (Andrew is running for Schoolboard Trustee in the upcoming civic electiona).   Apparently there are a lot of suicidal deer between here and McBride.

There was a light scattering of snow when we left Prince George and the roads were nice and clear.  Halfway there the road conditions changed drastically, a lot of snow coming down in big fluffy flakes.   Suddenly we both spotted a deer as it bolted into the oncoming lane, headed for our side. This is the conversation that ensued.

Andrew: Deer!!!!!! Begins to brake and practice evasive maneuvers.

Me: Oh crap! Braces for impact as it appears the deer is going to run into the side of the car.

Andrew successfully evades the suicidal deer and we both wait for the adrenalin rush to dissipate.

Me: Damn that was close.

Andrew: No kidding, however statistically what are the odds of almost hitting another one?  We should be fine after this.

Me: Well…..if I was to express it in percentages I would probably say one percent, however, since I am a one percenter that means the chances are actually pretty good.

Andrew:  Yes dear laughs

Me:  Just keep an eye out.

We continue driving down the road as it continues to snow heavily.  About twenty minutes later there it is, another deer, standing right in the middle of the road.  Fortunately we aren’t going all that fast and can easily avoid it.

Me: See? One percenter.

We saw a few more deer after that, but they were sticking to the ditch.

Later, as we were driving home, I saw a sign at the side of the road. “Caution Deer Next 15 Km”.

Me: We are supposed to caution the deer for the next 15 kilometres.  What do you want to caution them about?

Andrew: Unprotected sex and sti’s.  How bout you?  Can you tell he works in the public health sector?

Me: To look both ways before they cross the highway.

Andrew: Good one!

All the other deer we saw after that were off the road.  I am assuming someone else already cautioned them.




Website Revamp

I have started redoing the layout and content of this site.  Hopefully I won’t lose interest before it’s done 🙂 In the meantime, here’s a ferret.


Cast of Characters:

Mojo the big orange kitty
Gordo Mico the fat black siamese point ferret

Mojo was lying on the coffee table with his eyes closed.  Gordo Mico leapt from the couch to the coffee table.  He slipped as he landed and his butt hit Mojo in the face.  Gordo Mico starts to head down the coffee table.  Mojo thinks about it for a second then reaches out and swats the ferret right off the coffee table. He then relaxes and closes his eyes once again.

Work amusement

I work part time in the floral department of a grocery store. Yesterday I was happily tending to plants when an older gentleman approached me.

Customer: Do you have any pot plants?

Me, very sure that I heard wrong: Excuse me?

Customer: Do you have pot plants?

Me confused: Do you mean potted plants?

Customer: No, pot plants, pot plants (makes cupping motion with hands)

Me: Do you mean plant pots?

Customer: Yes, yes, pots.

Me: Sorry no, I would suggest the dollar store.

Customer wanders away.