HCG Diet – 1500 Calorie

Day 1
November 8 2012
Weight: 176 lbs

Today I started the 1500 calorie part of the HCG diet. The next three weeks will be spent eating 1500 calories a day, but no wheat, grain of “white stuff” as Dr. Grobbelaar puts it.
Breakfast was Rise and Shine, minus the toast. Since Andrew was sharing I doubled the recipe and added 3 tbsp egg white. Approx. 165 calories, and 1 cup of catalope, 60 calories. Total breakfast 225 calories-11 carbs-11 fat-13 protein.

Lunch was an Apple Fennel Salad. Approx. 497 calories-80 carbs-25 fat-8 protein

Supper was a sort of taco salad. Lettuce, extra lean ground surloin, and grated asiago cheese. Approx 576 calories-31 carbs-28 fat-51 protein.

Day 2
November 9 2012
Weight: 175 lbs

Down a pound this morning! Makes me feel good. That means only 25 pounds to my original goal.

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