I am just full of creativity today. Finally decided to do a website just for me. Http://beeotch.inannasgarden.com is my nifty new homepage. Check it out, sign the guest book.

Hmmm, do you think I should add an image gallery? 🙂


Today I was playing with my stylus and tablet and Photoshop. I am trying to get used to drawing with the stylus. Quite a bit different from using a pen or pencil. Here is my first attempt

The LJ Name Game…

The Name Dropping Meme. Pick this meme up, add your name to it and where you got it from… leaving all the previous “gots” in.

I, inannaliban got this meme from gwenwolfrose, who got this meme from stephanielynch,who got this meme from jenbryan,who got this meme from minirth,who got this meme from sheeplass, who got this meme from noelfigart, who got it from valkyrwench, who got it from griffen, who got it from amberfox, who got it from twfarlan, who started it.

Damned cats

What a day. Monty came home from the vet’s this morning after being neutered. He was soooo glad to see me when I went to pick him up. Unfortunately Smokey seems to realize that Monty is not in the best of shape and wants to take advantage of the fact.

First Smokey had him cornered in the bathroom. Went and retrieved him, brought him into the office. That earned me dirty looks from Mojo sitting on top of my monitor. Smokey followed me into the office and sat glaring at Monty on my lap. Fine, I put Monty on Andrew’s empty chair and turned it so Smokey couldn’t see him. Smokey proceed to roll around on the floor while he tried to maneuver into a position to do some more glaring. Monty took adavtage of Smokey’s momentary distraction to flee the scene. Smokey finally got into a position where he could see the seat of the chair. He realized Monty had given him the slip and headed down the hall.

I follow Smokey. Kali is at the food dish. She hisses at Monty and tries to swipe him with a paw as he goes by. Smokey saunters after him. Monty heads into the living room moving a little faster. Smokey speeds up. I grab Smokey who quite promptly starts growling at me. I head for the door to put him outside. Monty tries to make a run for it as I open the door to outside. I grab him and drop Smokey who immediately tries to launch himself at Monty again. Finally I manage to get Smokey out and Monty in..

Becky comes home and Smokey tries to get back in, and Monty tries to run out.


Anybody want some cats?

and a lone shepherdess..