Miss Violet And The Fairy

Once upon a time there was a little silver ferret.  Her name was Miss Violet and she lived in a rather large cage with a group of ferrets.  Miss Violet was the tiniest of all the ferrets.  The other ferrests would tease her about her size and call her Itty Bitty instead of her name.  One day as they were playing in the house the bigger ferrets were being especially bad, so Miss Violet ran off to the kitchen to get away from them.  As she went by the stairs to the back door she noticed something.  The door was open, and the screen door wasn’t latched properly.  Miss Violet looked back towards the living room, where the other ferrets were, then ran down the stairs and slipped out the door.

Once she was outside Miss Violet stopped to take a look around.  Off across the yard she could see a garden with some lovely flowers waving in the breeze.  Miss Violet loved to dig and thought a garden was likely to have some lovely dirt  to play in, so off she scampered.  As Miss Violet got closer to the garden she heard the sound of water splashing over rocks.  The garden surrounded a couple of ponds connected by a little stream.  Miss Violet started walking along the little stream, then she heard what sounded like singing.  Miss Violet pushed through some reeds trying to find the source when SPLASH, she tumbled into one of the ponds.  As she surfaced sputtering water she came face to face with a fairy.  ”

Oh my!”, said the fairy. ”

Oh my!”, said Miss Violet.  They stood there looking at each other for a moment.

“Are you a fairy?”, asked Miss Violet.”Oh, please tell me you are a fairy”.

The fairy gave a little giggle as she replied. “Yes, I am a fairy. And you are a….?”

“I am a ferret and my name is Miss Violet”, she replied.  “What is your name?”

“I am Falarel”, said the fairy.

Now, Miss Violet had heard her human’s telling stories about fairies and other magical creatures  Miss Violet also had always dreamed of being a fairy herself.  To have a beautiful pair of wings all her own.

“Oh Falarel”, she said. “I am so pleased to meet you.  Oh how I wish I could be a fairy too!”

Falarel looked at the ferret with interest,  “You want to be a fairy ferret, err ferret fairy?  “Hmmm, it might be possible.  If anybody could do it, it would be Leroy.”

“Who is Leroy?”, asked Miss Violet.

Falarel explained that Leroy was a Garden Gnome who lived under the Linden Tree.  Garden Gnomes, she explained, were talented in the use of certain magicks.

“Could you take me to him?” asked Miss Violet.

The fairy looked at the little ferret for a moment. “Well”, she said, “I could, I supposed, if you did something for me…”

Miss Violet wondered what she could possibley do for a fairy.  The answer surprised her.

“I will take you”,  she said, “if you give me a ride there on your back”.

Miss Violet was quite startled by the request.  “You want to ride me? Like a pony?”

“Yes, please”, giggled the fairy. “You see, I am so small, and ponies are so big. I will never get to ride a pony, but you are just the right size…”

“Well since you put it that way”, said Miss Violet, “climb on.”

Falarel hopped on to Miss Violet’s back and pointed in the direction of the Linden  Tree on the other side of the yard.  In just a few moments they were knocking on a little red door nestled in the roots of the ancient tree. The door was abruptly thrown open by a scowling Leroy. “What do you want?”, he demanded gruffly.  Suddenly a smile brightened his face.  “Oh Falarel, it’s you”, he cried. I thought it was one of those darned elves again.  They keep trying to sell me shoes.  What can I do for you?”

“Well, it’s actually the ferret who wants something.  Seems she wants to be fairy-ish.  I figured if any body could do it….”

The Gnome examined the little ferret closely. “Fairy huh? So what? You want some wings?  Could be done.  I have a nice pair of wings I’ve been saving.  But I need something in return.”

Miss Violet looked at the portly Gnome.  She really hoped he didn’t want a ride too..”

“I have need for some purple flowers.  Doesn’t matter what type, but I need purple.  Preferably a few shades”.

Miss Violet remembered that she had seen quite a few purple flowers back in the garden by the pond.  “Back shortly”, she told Leroy and Falarel.  Then off she went to the garden.

Back at the garden she gathered up some chive blossoms, irises,  and some pansies.  She threw the bundle of flowers  over her shoulder and hurried back to the Linden tree.  “Here you go”, she said.  “Is that enough”

“Perfect”, said the Gnome and gestured for them to follow him into his house.  There he reached under his bed and pulled out a large pair of butterfly wings.  Then he pulled out a needle and a spool of thread. “This is going to hurt a bit”, he said.

A few painful moments later Miss Violet had a beautiful pair of wings attached to her back.  Miss Violet looked at herself in the mirror.  “Oh, they are beautiful”, she cried, “but will they work?  Can I..can I really fly”.

“You can in a moment”, said the Gnome.  Then he grabbed Falarel and gave her a shake over Miss Violet.  Glittery dust showered down from the outraged fairy.

“Hey, you could have at least warned me”, she snapped at the Gnome.  He just gave a shrug and watched the ferret run outside to test her new wings.

Miss Violet was delighted to find that she could fly.  She thanked Falarel and Leroy, then set off to practice flying.  After awhile Miss Violet began to get a little tire, and her tummy started to rumble.  She thought, perhaps it was time to return home.  A short time later she was back at the house.  The screen door had been closed, but the kitchen window was open and she easily flew through it into the house.  When Miss Violet flew into the living room the other ferrets were amazed.  They clustered around her wanting to know where she got the beautiful wings.  She told them about her adventure,  in between mouthfuls of kibble.

From that time on the other ferrets never teased Miss Violet again.  She would occasionally visit the garden to see Falarel and Leroy.  Her human’s were delighted with their new little ferret fairy and they all lived happily ever after, for the most part.







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