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Events involving Andrew.

I’m really a mermaid

My family is affected by a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or EDS for short. The part of my body most affected has always been my hips, knees, and feet. When I was younger I had flat, wide feet and age has just made them more so. Unfortunately, as they get wider and flatter, they also hurt. I have often told Andrew that I feel like the little mermaid from the original story, not the Disney version. One day as I was surfing blogs by other people that have EDS I came across an entry where another woman talked about feeling like the little mermaid, and dreading getting out of bed in the morning because it would hurt. I showed the entry to Andrew and this is the conversation that ensued.

Me: See, this woman feels the same way as me. Walking on knives, just like the little mermaid.

Andrew: You don’t hurt as much in water either. Didn’t you say it doesn’t hurt as much when we go to the pool?

Me:. Yes, the water makes me hurt less. Supports my weight more I guess.

Andrew. You know, I don’t think what you have is Ehlers-Danlos at all.

Me: Oh really??? What is it then?

Andrew: You actually have Adaptive Mermaid Syndrome. Your family must have once been mermaids. Now that you are on land your body has trouble adapting.

Me: So, I am actually a mermaid then?

Andrew: Yep, and you have AMS, not EDS.

So there you have it. Once upon a time my family lived in the ocean as mermaids. Apparently I need to get back to my roots…

Highway of Deers

No, that isn’t a typo.  Last night Andrew and I drove to Valemount for an “All Candidates Forum”.  (Andrew is running for Schoolboard Trustee in the upcoming civic electiona).   Apparently there are a lot of suicidal deer between here and McBride.

There was a light scattering of snow when we left Prince George and the roads were nice and clear.  Halfway there the road conditions changed drastically, a lot of snow coming down in big fluffy flakes.   Suddenly we both spotted a deer as it bolted into the oncoming lane, headed for our side. This is the conversation that ensued.

Andrew: Deer!!!!!! Begins to brake and practice evasive maneuvers.

Me: Oh crap! Braces for impact as it appears the deer is going to run into the side of the car.

Andrew successfully evades the suicidal deer and we both wait for the adrenalin rush to dissipate.

Me: Damn that was close.

Andrew: No kidding, however statistically what are the odds of almost hitting another one?  We should be fine after this.

Me: Well…..if I was to express it in percentages I would probably say one percent, however, since I am a one percenter that means the chances are actually pretty good.

Andrew:  Yes dear laughs

Me:  Just keep an eye out.

We continue driving down the road as it continues to snow heavily.  About twenty minutes later there it is, another deer, standing right in the middle of the road.  Fortunately we aren’t going all that fast and can easily avoid it.

Me: See? One percenter.

We saw a few more deer after that, but they were sticking to the ditch.

Later, as we were driving home, I saw a sign at the side of the road. “Caution Deer Next 15 Km”.

Me: We are supposed to caution the deer for the next 15 kilometres.  What do you want to caution them about?

Andrew: Unprotected sex and sti’s.  How bout you?  Can you tell he works in the public health sector?

Me: To look both ways before they cross the highway.

Andrew: Good one!

All the other deer we saw after that were off the road.  I am assuming someone else already cautioned them.